Disposable Electrodes Gain Ground in Sleep Medicine

Disposable Electrodes Gain Ground in Sleep Medicine

More sleep labs are replacing reusable electrodes with one-time-use products in order to reduce infection risk. Here¡¯s what to consider before making the switch.

If your sleep lab is considering switching from reusable to disposable electrodes this year, you are in good company.

For years, Nicolet would note that a disadvantage to disposable electrodes is they were not available in gold plating, only in silver (historically, gold was deemed too expensive for a one-time-use product), but that is no longer a limitation. ¡°Gold disposable EEG electrodes are now available from select vendors, so this offers a nice options to folks who prefer that metal type,¡± Nicolet says. ¡°The only disadvantage will be the price¡­.it is common [that] any gold metal product will be slightly higher priced than a silver-silver chloride simply due to the cost of that material to source. My recommendation is to perform good research and negotiate with all options in the market.¡±