Reusable Plum blossom EEG Electrode line

*Plum blossom Cup Electrodes are better fixed than the round Cup Electrodes.
*Plum blossom Cup Electrodes are designed with six convex hulls that provide better contact

through the hair.

Plum blossom EEG Electrode is used for test that measures and records the electrical activity

of brain as a non-invasive method. Plum blossom EEG electrode is designed to have the best

contact with a subject¡¯s scalp and manufactured using most suitable material to provide the

best EEG recordings.¡¾New product¡¿

• Six lead wire colors (two each): green, blue, yellow,grey, red ,purple

Part Number Elettrodes Leadwire Connector Quantity
601-CRMHDJ10 silver 100cm
Standard ¦µl.50
12 pcs
601-CRMHDJ15 silver 150cm Standard ¦µl.50
12 pcs
silver 200cm Standard ¦µl.50
12 pcs
601-CRMHDJ25 silver
250cm Standard ¦µl.50
12 pcs